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Why Your Influences Will Indiscriminately Shape Who You’ll Become…

Uncovering Influential qualities in yourself and others and then linking those qualities to a purpose-driven vocation is of fundamental importance if a no-regret life is desired. The bulk of us in the western world have in my opinion, advanced forward in so many way’s but one; making fear-free decisions that drive personal Inspiration, purpose and change.

There are many reasons for our lack of courage in making purpose-driven decisions based on our strengths. Many of the decisions we make are based out of fear – albeit cloaked under the guise of practicality in most cases. From my research, the following stimuli and influences lead to the bulk of our decision making which then concretes into habitual life choices.

Lets look at 3 areas to see if we resonate with how we’re influenced;

  1. Influence 1: How others see us (inner circle and outer reputation – do we act to only please others?)
  2. Influence 2: How we see ourselves (are the decisions we make based on aligned purpose Or is it about the status quo)
  3. Influence 3 : Expectations as they relate to our past experience and future potential.

The first step to shaping the clay is to look at your influences indiscriminately from an outsiders perspective. Act as though a friend is telling you about your life story. What advice would you offer if were asked? What areas don’t serve any longer? Which people no longer matter the way they once did? Which NEW people matter and are aligned with your specific journey. Don’t be too concerned about how others see you. Only concern yourself with how you see yourself. A flower blooms because it can bloom, not because other flowers are blooming around it.

Influence 2 comes down to how we feel about ourselves based on two primary criteria; comparing our life to others and how brave we are to unfollow popular opinion if it means giving up on who we are. If you’re a people pleaser, you’ll know how draining it can be to keep your entire tribe happy (not possible by the way). If you’ve moved passed it and live a life based on self-love and self worth – you realise that the right people come into your life and stay – you’ve moved passed the status quo.

Thirdly, the reason most people never come into their true potential is that their idea of themselves is limited by where they are now, the limits they’ve been to in the past and what another thinks they should become. E.G: If I’ve tried really hard to make it this far, life must be showing me my ceiling. No point trying or going for more. It’s impossible. Do you perhaps know anyone who may be telling this story to themselves? The idea that the past equals the future is insulting, nonsensical, limiting and blocks any Inspiration to create the future you want for yourself. If you’re allowing the past to influence your future, your future will be exactly the same as your past. You’ll live 1 year, 100 times over, rather than 100 years.

Everything starts with how we choose to think. If you can change how you think, you can change your life experiences. If you can change your life experiences, you’ll be Inspired to change the world.

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