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Barry is a fierce advocate of well-being to be able to chase down life’s sought after moments.

His ability to unlock and define corporate Inspiration, purpose, gratitude and drive led him to his #1 Best-Selling book: The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment in 2015.

Barry’s national talks, keynote addresses, webinar presentations, and workshops work to deconstruct the untapped power of subconscious thought and the science of creative visualisation. He focuses on the deconstruction of mindset blocks which surround cognitive fear, old-wired subconscious paradigms, Inherited thinking, and their connection to real-world managerial expectations and experiences.

Barry instills his corporate well-being and executive coaching programs primarily through 4 Inspirational programs. Barry’s merging of spiritual based fulfillment practices into the corporate space not only makes Barry’s programs highly sought after, but seen as a secret weapon for employee engagement in a post-pandemic era.

Each program is tailored for businesses who seek to instill an immediate specific blueprint on well-being, staff retention, inspiration and engagement.

Business Success .

Beginning at ECCO Shoes in 2002. He climbed the ranks from a casual sales assistant to corporate trainer within 5 years. After this, Barry became a nationally recognized corporate Training and Assessment officer in 2010. He also founded and launched footwear industry focused B2B portal Shoe Circle in 2014, as a bridge for suppliers and retailers to meet and purchase product. However, after a life changing event at a local cemetery, Barry uncovered a deep passion for purposeful living. Since then, Barry has the unique ability to speak from the heart and does so while presenting key-note addresses surrounding the ethos behind his book “The 11 Master Secrets of Business Success and Personal Fulfillment” at upcoming trade fairs and corporations across the country.


Barry’s background began with transforming thinking within fashion and footwear landscape in the fields of passionate customer service and personal customer fulfillment. He began and still remains a passionate advocate on inspiring customer fulfillment practices and culture change in retail stores.

Following an intrinsic inner-calling in 2015, Barry took his passion to writing. His jovial, sincere, speak from the heart style made it to the page, and led him to further success; his first book on merging fulfillment and success shot to International #1 on Amazon. The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment is an insightful read for people wanting to understand and uncover the most common obstacles for business success and personal fulfillment.

The book itself – taken as a personal story or a corporate intuitive guide to success, make it extremely easy to prepare, pursue and make the mental transition for pursing principles based on corporate and personal why. From the success of the book, Barry now engages audiences and corporations based on the principles of The 11 Master Secret’s among proven principles that give is long term fulfillment.

Barry’s almost obsessive belief for locating an immediate perspective on ‘why’ is truly contagious and uplifting for all who choose to listen. Encouraging audiences to uncover their own fountain of Inspiration and then strategically implementing action steps while Inspiration is present is often Barry’s take home message. Barry shares his messages for Inspirational excellence and gratitude leadership with corporations cultures and individuals who are on the cusp of growth and long-term expansion.

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The 11 Master Secrets To Business Success And Personal Fulfilment .

Ever wondered what the most common hurdles are to achieving your passion? Ever wanted to know how to leave security? Have you had family or respected friends tell you it’s not possible?

Here’s your personal guide to your possibilities. In these pages you will find examples, stories and strategies of how you can turn your vision into a reality. Barry Nicolaou explains what it takes to drive personal change and achieve the mindset needed to follow our vision for success. This Book is designed to shift mental roadblocks, negativity and personal doubt to discover a new world of possibilities. Fulfill your vision and simultaneously uncover a path designed just for you.