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Resetting Intention -

From Barry Nicolaou comes his long-awaited second book – Move the Mountain.  A kindle version is also available for purchase on Amazon.


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Barry brought the thunder! A very inspiring guy with a great story to share with the world. Get him on your show if you want a show full on motivation, inspiration, and an all-round great conversation!

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Barry’s. wisdom and thoughtfulness blended in a Christ-like manner with information and passion that anyone could benefit from. I very much appreciated his willingness to dig deeper into his philosophies and every- day life.

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It was a pleasure to have Barry on the show. It is obvious he loves what he does and is passionate about helping others live from a place of intention.

All In The Name Of Growth
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Barry is a delightful, energetic, and riveting storyteller and guest, expert on defining your true purpose in life.

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Podcast Barry is such an informative and happy guest to have on. He made the interview so easy and really gave value to the listeners.

A Magical Life: Health, Wealth, and Weight Loss

Gratitude Leadership. Reach out to Barry about a leadership presentation today.

Barry’s Gratitude Leadership PDF is a thought provoking presentation on how to apply the power of Gratitude to leaders within the business. Fill out the details below to hear from Barry’s team.

Corporate Culture Expert

Barry Nicolaou .

Barry is a passionate facilitator of organisational cultural synergy. He thrives on exposing the self-defeating business practices that hinder business growth. Barry’s core message as a business facilitator is to drive employee synergy through complete cultural enhancement. This is accomplished by analysing your current cultural challenges and co-creating a road map towards cultural alignment – making sure staff feel and understand the passion behind why the business does what it does and why they do what they do.

This can come in the form of a seminar event, staff talk or a strategic outline. Barry’s obsession with business synergy and individual personal development, has lead to the creation and worldwide success of his #1 In’t Best Selling Book – The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment.

Seeking Personal & Professional transformation?

Barry’s #1 Best Selling Book has been turned into a Premium Online Course. It is produced for Individuals and businesses who seek to form an immediate blueprint on purpose and Inspiration. Click Here to head to tabletwise.com and and order our Premium Course.

Alternatively, Barry’s Book is available for Individuals and teams. Check out the ‘Buy Now’ Button in our menu bar for further information.

Master Secret 1 - Uncovering your Mission

Master Secret 2 - Understanding motive and Reason

Master Secret 3 - How to overcome Fear

Master Secret 4 - Strategies for Murphy's law

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Barry instills his corporate well-being and executive coaching programs primarily through 4 Inspirational areas. Ready to make the next move? Book a free consultation.