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Why Top Talent Need to Feel Inspired…

Nurturing specific Inspiration in the workplace in an interconnected way is on the rise.

Fortunately, Inspiration is not a static state of mind but a process that we can cultivate and fuel. While we cannot force ourselves to be Inspired, we can create a supportive remote environment that’s conducive to Inspiration.

Interconnectedness – a concept that lies at the core of many spiritual based practices, stems from the realisation that we ‘inter-are’ with one another and everything in our universe.

Just as our view of life undergoes profound evolution, the emergence of spiritual-based wisdom in the workplace advances at a rapid speed. Today more than ever, employees are searching for fulfillment from wisdom-fueled guru’s, teachers and masters in profound thought, through mobile devices.

However, this kind of Inspiration – as impactful as it might appear to be – does not allow or encompass any element of productivity surrounding work based tasks and challenges. It does however give us temporary appeasement to deeper personal quandaries regarding how we spend our time and if we’re making the best choices.

Genuine and structured organisational Inspiration – I believe will become a beacon for new long-term employees and retaining and nurturing existing talent.

There are three (3) elements that occur when we’re inspired:

  1. We are better wired to see new possibilities,
  2. We’re more receptive to an outside influence and better equipped to respond, and
  3. We feel energised when we’re Inspired

As workplace cultures see the correlation between Inspired staff and client fulfillment, measures are being absorbed by forward thinking corporations to utilise a framework that nurtures specific personal and professional staff Inspiration.

If you’re in the market for a staff engagement system, make sure it encompasses wisdom based inspiration that can be applied to professional and personal circumstances. With this way, you;re not only inspiring staff to become more productive during work hours but can apply life-based wisdom in personal circumstances as well that will loop back to work situations continually.


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