Move the mountain


From Barry Nicolaou comes his long-awaited second book – Move The Mountain. Purchase today for just $29.95!



From Barry Nicolaou comes his long-awaited second book – Move The Mountain.

Barry’s passion will always been found in deconstructing what makes us tick and why so many of us shy away from taking the true leap of faith in ourselves.

This hunger has taken him to research the science behind intention and quantum thoughts. Barry uncovers how the very paradigms that build stability and structure in our lives can also be the influences that fuel fear-based reasoning that stop us at the door of potential.

Barry looks at the science of creative visualisation, the power of belief, attraction and taking a particular interest in the super power of thought, and the different realities that stem from thought alone. This thirst for more understanding takes Barry from his early struggling years and countless poor decisions, to the amazing fields of Intention, energy and manifestation through being of value and backing yourself.

Barry’s post-pandemic work now also includes corporations to instill energetic-based philosophies that transcend down from C-suite execs and employees – right through to customers experiences.

Barry takes a new holistic look at energy used as a corporate currency, which is what makes Barry’s work so important and all- encompassing as it relates to culture.

Barry’s International Podcast appearances continue to Inspire – here is a snippet of the last 20 performed in the first half of 2023.


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