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Money, Ego & Personal Growth…

Unfortunately, all to often we see that financial abundance has become the yard stick used to contemplate self-worth. Temporarily liberating for for those that only crave materially driven pursuits, than for others who value meaning and fulfillment. Can you have both financially liberated individuals combined with more meaningful pursuits? Absolutely. Is it practised? Hardly ever. Being in survival mode to meet obligations is one thing, staying in survival mode for 20 years thinking your now abundant life style still isn’t good enough is quite another.

We start off with good intentions though.

We earn enough in an attempt to pay off the house and perhaps buy an investment – or maybe invest in crypto currencies to fatten the bank account.  Financial freedom usually follows as the obvious reason with the long term intention of not working as hard any longer. The problem with western society though is not the fear-based reasons we use as mental roadblocks stopping us from living our personal truth.

The problem is wining and the need to win everytime.

The brain’s dopamine release that comes from the feeling of getting on-top of a situation or a financial influx or windfall is truly ecstatic. However, it should be noted that winning is as much liberating as it is addictive. The question to ask is can the endless pursuit of wining destroy our kind nature or worse, turn us into winning addicted individuals – at any cost. The Ego may give us a clue into why winning has become an international sport with a seemingly healthy agenda when the opposite may be the result. Winning is a 50/50 sum game. You either win or you’re last. Losers are ensured.

The Ego, left to its own devices, is concerned primarily about 2 things. Self-image and comparison.

If we for example, earn enough to elevate our self-image, our Ego loves the feeling – and it will never let you forget it. The problem for most is when the Ego ties our self-worth to winning and our income. When times are great we’re feeling quite chuffed, when financial times are bad, we feel gutted. The Ego has us fooled into thinking we’re only as good as our ability to win. The key is to have a level of self-worth independent to your bank account. Know that you are a beautiful human being contributing your unique blend of you to the world and the universe in this particular point of time and space.

So if winning is addictive and ultimately temporary, what should we be aiming for to elevate human conciousness?

The wise amongst us would be pointing to growth through kindness. This often means stepping out of that elusive comfort zone and giving your time, energy or thoughts to someone else – without expectation of return.

Winning then becomes irrelevant – its about meaningful experiences and the fulfillment that comes from being of service to others and their experiences through your eyes.

Kindness gives us the awe inspiring after-glow some call fulfilment. Leaders all over the world point to kindness as what the world needs most. Kindness breeds understanding and understanding breeds tolerance.

The first person to start with is you. Treating yourself kindly is the doorway to wisdom bliss and helping others do the same. How kind are you to yourself? Or do you believe there’s nobility in self- degradation?

Keen to hear your thoughts…

barry x

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