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Getting Organisational Culture Right…

At a recent presentation at the Online Retail Summit in Melbourne, Australia we spoke about the importance of organisational culture and more specifically culture centricity.

Wikipedia defines organizational culture as having to do with the “behavior of humans within an organization and the meaning that people attach to those behaviours.” There’s a tonne of books on shelves (Including The 11 Master Secrets) consistently advocating to organisations around the world that your employees are your largest investment and your best source of future revenue. Investing in the goodwill of your people and aligning your staff with company values, passion for growth and systems, is the best and quickest way to grow an organisation in the most profitable way. From the inside-out.

So the big question here is, what sort of Culture do we have now and what do we do next if we need it to improve? Email me here for a 1-1 to discussion on your requirements: assist@barrynicolaou.com


However in the meantime, discover this very important first step; Your ‘Why’ for business Is your message to employees. Try to appreciate why your employees work with/for you and possibly also buy from you to begin with. What’s the reason? What makes you unmistakably special? And at the same token, why are customers and or employees possibly walking away. What have you lost along the route to success? What have you sacrificed in order to gain higher ground? Employees are very much like customers; they wont mention they’re upset with you, they’ll just get up and walk away.

Successful organisations understand why they do what they do and then communicate this message to the world (including their internal staff driven world). When this message is echoed, heard and understood, believers come on board. Its crucial to embrace these believers as they are your building blocks to propel you forward, these people understand WHY your vision will work and on sell their now new found beliefs to your customers. Then something wonderful happens. Your customers become believers also. And this belief is your vehicle to propel your business into the future.

Investing in your people means investing in the future of the business. When a company puts processes in front of people, it’ll be on a never ending search for ‘aligned employees’ which ultimately don’t exist.

Barry is the #1 International Best Selling Author of The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment. He is available for speaking engagements, strategy implementation, and talks surrounding the most destructive business and personal habits which stop us from achieving growth.  He is Director and founder of industry Agency ShoeCircle.com.au and a 40110 retail training and assessment officer. 

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