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Could Compassion Fatigue Be Fueling Covid-19?

Could Compassion Fatigue Be Fueling Covid-19?

Unusual times is an understatement.

But fear is always like that, it plays heavily to our insecurities.

We often invite fear into our lives like a distant relative whom we know is detrimental to our wellbeing – yet still continues to entertain us by advocating his essential nature. After all, he did save us from that sabre-tooth tiger.

Like fear, our perspective to keep a steady and Inspired mindset falters when we’re faced with overwhelming challenges. Fear though is born out of the feeling we’ve lost control. And our grasp at having control continually brings haphazard results.

Just like a pandemic itself, it isn’t the virus or vaccine we fear, it’s the end game of possible sickness, death and that of unfinished business or un-lived dreams we’re afraid of. Death comes to us all – but we want to get there as comfortably as possible in the far distant future having our bucket list ticked.

It’s interesting to note when taking a look at noteworthy philosophers, guru’s and teachers throughout the ages that the word ‘death’ isn’t something that enters their mind with a sense of fear – rather a sense of inevitable completion. Dying by whatever means while viewing our work or selves as ‘incomplete’ is the main issue at play.

So how do we offer a calmer and more clear sense of grateful living that science is now showing leads to a longer life. Practice compassion.

Compassion and a cosmic morality to treat others with respect, dignity and love seems to escape the human condition occasionally when a crisis or challenge of pandemic proportions is being experienced.

But history shows us that’s the exact time when we need it most.

So how can we show further understanding and compassion when we’re fatigued to the point of giving up ?

Here are 3 ways;

  1. Smile in the mirror. Be a face of sunshine in an otherwise grim scenario. Life is wonderful if you’re living with a sense of joy for small things.
  2. Gratitude Journal. You have the opportunity to be grateful for what you have and what can be with a sense of joy, possibility, love, and honesty. The Yogi also shows gratitude in the face of challenges for growth. Can the Pandemic be one of those times?
  3. Practice Mindfulness. Be still and know everyone around you may be much more frightened than you. Find solace that you are a pillar of compassion and possibility for them. This can spread faster than any virus can.


Love comes more naturally to the human heart than any other emotion. Yes you read right.

Practicing compassion is a way to express that love that washes our souls with welcomed calmness, understanding, perspective while being grateful for whatever comes ahead of us.


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