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Uncovering Today’s Opportunities

Anyone in business will tell you it’s a long road to success. Not only a long road but an often bumpy one at that. On the outside others see the road as bitumen, in reality it’s a dirt track leading to off road trail you need a 4WD to navigate. As odd as it sounds however, we need it to be wild adventure. I’m a firm believer that if ever there were an answer to the meaning of commerce and life, it would lie in rising and adapting to the challenges as a form of growth while clearing a new path to show others’ it’s possible.

Yes, I’m a believer each and every one of us is discovering a path tuned specifically to strengthen our resilience and discover further wisdom to benefit from. In the spirit of good decision making and navigating through the business jungle, below there are 4 identifiable areas known to all business owners as essential tools in the search for growth;

  1. Experience and resourcefulness
  2. Education and skill set
  3. Talent and passion
  4. The desire to help others grow

If you look at any successful enterprise, chances are the CEO will be calling on a combination of the above attributes from herself and her team. These 4 areas are what I believe to be the 4 pillars of success to a fulfilling and prosperous business. If there was a 5th attribute to add to the above 4 – it would be to apply yesterday’s wisdom to today’s market landscape. Some business are adept and agile enough to implement up to the minute strategies to today’s environment but we constantly see others that are slower for a number of reasons.

So in the spirit of opportunity here’s 3 specific questions you need to answer as a matter of urgency;

  1. What did you learn yesterday that you can apply today?
  2. Who did you meet yesterday that can assist you in growing (mentoring) and better understanding your business today?
  3. What do you believe your (UVP) Unique Value Proposition is? Have you identified why your customers should spend their money with you? Do you promote this proposition?

At my seminars and private business coaching I teach a subject that runs as an undercurrent to everyday decision making whether in business or in our personal lives. This subject is almost always overlooked as business owners busily and frantically run around making certain the business and staff are running smoothly enough to keep existing customers satisfied as well as gain new customers looking to switch from other businesses.

Subconscious paradigms or the thoughts that form our decisions and experiences play a critical role in personal and business success. Knowing how to think when the proverbial hits the fan, as well as knowing who to call and what to draw upon is critical when you’re running an organisation that’s just as focused on profit as well as keeping good people.

Most that I mentor or attend my masterclass know I have a passion for teaching the Law of Attraction. It’s as a way to not only make better decision making possible but align our mental states with a desired outcome by losing the doubt. Most toil away – sometimes for years – not knowing they are saint and saboteur. Its only when you begin to apply new knowledge to benefit you and your business, that you have the edge over any competition.

Thank you to Lisa Fogarty for this amazing testimonial. There are so many people in this world, when you walk around with your eyes, heart and ears open you are sure to attract the most perfect vibration. Last week at Barry Nicolaou’s Explaining The Law of Attraction Workshop I was in a safe space to hear my soul whisper to me – Lisa, be vulnerable the world wants to hear your story – When Barry said “the beginning only looks like the end if you have given up half way” I felt an overwhelming desire to hug Barry and thank him for his patience and passion to care for every person in the room. Learning that each and every fibre of my being needs to be focused on my passion was the most clarifying learning. The overall experience is one you will have to do for yourself as I believe there is no one exact moment that would be the same for anyone person. Barry you are a loving, trustworthy individual with a footprint 👣 on this earth making a difference and I feel so privileged to share our most precious commodity TIME. Thank you 🙏 ❤️ Lisa Fogarty

Barry is the #1 International Best Selling Author of The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment. He has also created his #1 book into 13 online courses surrounding The Law of Attraction. He is available for speaking engagements and business mentoring. Email: assist@barrynicolaou.com Or www.the11mastersecrets.com

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